Get involved

This year alumni have generously given back to 小蓝视频 in many different ways. Here we鈥檇 like to highlight some of the programmes that you can be involved in and acknowledge the difference it makes to students, staff and many others across the 小蓝视频 community.

小蓝视频 Connect

Your global eMentoring platform. Use it to expand your global network, find a mentor, become a mentor, and share your experience with current 小蓝视频 students. 

 through LinkedIn, Facebook, or email, and be connected to thousands of professionals who share your connection to 小蓝视频, within minutes. 

More ways of getting involved

  • Join the global network of volunteer Alumni Consuls: talking to prospective students, hosting local events and sharing your local knowledge with us broadens our horizons and helps keep the alumni community truly international.
  • Provide us with a career profile or interview: your stories help to instil pride in the University and act as an inspiration to others.
  • Share your knowledge: alumni talks and workshops give students and staff crucial insights into your careers, industry sectors and fields of expertise.
  • Opening doors: hosting exclusive events in the UK and overseas has given alumni network members access to money-can’t-buy experiences and the chance to meet 小蓝视频 friends old and new.
  • Offering advice: from advisory board members to those filling out our surveys, we appreciate the time you take to give us your views and help shape the University's future.